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What Should Students be Learning in This Century?

Comparing the learning skills required in this century with what was required many years ago will reveal new and different abilities. If students are not educated in current 21st century skills, then the economy will be in jeopardy.

We shouldn’t’ be in the same place we were five years ago. In this age when students are already instant messaging, we should no longer be teaching how to email properly. We are to adapt 21st century skills knowledge to a changing world.

The focus today should be on critical thinking skills, and how to ask questions that require answers from several resources.

We should teach how to locate relevant accurate content instead of teaching content. There are those who create grounds in class just so to fulfill requirements so that when teachers’ evaluations come they can say that they did what was required of them, which is short of its purpose.

The creation of groups is to teach students how to collaborate with others. Collaboration can be applied globally and not just in the classroom.

We don’t know what the future careers will be. We as yet do not know where they will be and what their job descriptions would be. Being a critical thinker, a problems solver with global awareness is what 21st century skills require.

We should let students use skills that help them understand the changing technology environment like social networking and contribution to the development of intellectual texts, each day.

Engaging our students in this adapting changing world is important. We should be real. Our students can solve a math problem from a math app in 2 seconds. It is even simple to make an essay using Google, and they can text their friends in the next class when you assigned them to do.

Understanding this concept is our job as educators. Solving biggest problems with the use of this knowledge is what we should be concerned about.

If you require a student to present the findings to a real world problem focusing on in class oral presenting skills, this cannot be downloaded from YouTube.

If this will be the basis to assess the student – his analysis of a concept – there are many skills he needs to use to prepare for this presentation. In order to prepare for this oral presentation , he has to first to find relevant information on the topic and he should determine the credibility of the sources. The he writes and edits the script. And he has to choose appropriate images.

You implement reading, writing, and research standards and one that is difficult reaching, which is oral presentation.

Refocusing our priorities as educators by teaching our students that which will prepare them for the future is our priority.
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