The Problem with Do It Yourself Timeshare Recycling

Timeshares continue to be a prominent form of real estate for frequent travelers. While the craze isn’t what it used to be, and people have learned the complexities of unloading a timeshare are often beyond the average owner’s scope of knowledge, people still buy timeshares and still enjoy them very much. Unfortunately, as timeshares became more popular, scammers learned how to scam timeshare shoppers. These scams have taken a massive toll on the industry, as even the most trusted of sellers often face intense scrutiny from buyers. It’s tough on buyers and even tougher on sellers.

And what of the person that buys a long-term timeshare and discovers that they’re no longer able to travel to that destination? People often buy a timeshare for sheer convenience. It’s nice not to have to shop for hotel and to know that you have a nice, waiting property to go to every year. It reduces the time you spend trying to find a vacation spot. You always know where you’re going. The dilemma comes in when it’s 5 years later and you’re sick of your timeshare and no longer want to travel to the location you’ve been traveling to for years now.

Take Florida for example. A lot of people bought timeshares then, only to find themselves craving vacation in another area years later. The problem is, it’s not like a short-term rental. You own that property to some degree, and you can’t just walk away from it even if you have no plans to ever visit it again. Many people struggle to find a way to sell their timeshare. Do it yourself sales are perhaps the riskiest and involve the risk of losing time AND money. That’s why professional timeshare resales businesses have taken over in an industry that is flooded by people who want to unload their timeshares but don’t want to risk losing their money as a result.

Selling a timeshare is a lengthy, often risky business. Trying to do it yourself through research is probably the last thing you’d ever want to do. The consequences of taking this approach can result in either you taking a huge loss on the timeshare OR in you losing time AND money through a bogus scam sale. You never, ever want to tackle this job alone since there are so many reputable businesses out there who are experienced in selling timeshares.

No matter what business you go with, realize that it can take a lot of time to sell your timeshare for a fair price. Your professional agent is likely going to need to wait and be patient. It can take a long time, but it’s never going to be as long as it will be if you rush into things and try to do it yourself. Few people would recommend trying to sell your timeshare just on your own. It’s too risky in today’s market and can result in a huge loss of money. Go to the professionals if you want to sell your timeshare!