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Maintenance of Decks and Balconies

It is considered that exterior painting is one of the major things one has to do to protect their largest investment during their lifetime. There are some major steps to be considered before painting the exterior part of a house. For one to have a nice looking paint job at the end there needs to be enough preparation.

It will probably be a long time before homeowners give up on wood altogether when it comes to building their decks, patios, and balconies. This is because of its timeless quality of this gift given to man by nature. Using wood for patios comes with a lot of drawbacks which many homeowners using it understand. By mixing plastic into the stew, composite decking gives the owner all of the appearance benefits of wood while minimizing some of the drawbacks. Even though regular painting and staining isn’t required with this material, you may want to change colors down the line. The details on how to paint patios and decks are presented below.

Clearing the Area.
The first step involves clearing the composite deck area. Clearing cannot be finished in between commercials of a football game. Trying to complete it without moving all the furniture and plants off the surface is only going to result in frustration. You’ll be constantly moving these items around and you’re almost certain to get paint on them. All the items on the platform should be taken aside. If your deck abuts your house, you’ll want to do some masking to keep the paint off your home’s exterior.
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Cleaning the surface
A clean surface is required before painting. You don’t want what painters call “trash” getting into your work. In order to get rid of any dust and debris, one first sweeps the deck and the sprays it down with a hose. Some homeowners find success in using a push broom to thoroughly wash the composite decking with soap and water. A clean service enhances the ability of the surface to accept the paint to be applied on it. Let the surface dry completely and you’ll be ready to move forward with the job.
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Prime and Paint
You’re taking a big risk if you paint without putting primer on first. A composite deck can also do well without being applied primer, it does not hurt to apply however. It is the primer that ensures that the surface is very smooth. You can use either a brush or a spray gun to apply the primer. Painting is only applied after the primer has dried. In order to get excellent results, it is advised that one applies two thin coats instead of one. The furniture’s which had been removed are returned after the paint has dried.