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Practical Tips on Sewer and Drain Cleaning

It isn’t fun having to sort out sewer and sewer drain issues. People will only pay attention to such systems when they are not working properly. We come to realize how seriously important the sewers and drains are when we flush the toilet and it overflows or sewage backs up into the bathtub!

If a clog blocks the sewer drain,sewage and water can’t get out of the property to the collection point,and this can make the home one messy place. When the sewer drain is clogged,waste and water start flowing back into the home through the drains and this can make the home unpleasant. If and when the main sewer gets blocked,you are advised to immediately call your plumber and desist from using fixtures such as the washing machine,the toilet,sinks,boiler and the bathroom until the expert fixes them.

Read the following simple tips to learn what to do to keep at bay such unwelcome happenings at your home.
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If there is only one fixture that is found to be clogged when the others are working just fine,it is clear that that is the only fixture that needs fixing up and not the whole sewer and drain plumbing system.
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If several toilets in the house get clogged at the same time,it means that the main sewer is also clogged because toilets have the most direct link with the main sewer. Another indication that the main sewer is clogged is that all the fixtures stop functioning well simultaneously.

If the shower and the bath tub have waste backing up,the main sewer is the one that needs immediate inspection by a well trained plumber. Basically,the toilet,the shower and the bathtub will stop working first if there is a problem with the main drain.

When toilets overflow or when water backs up showers whenever the washing machine is run,the sewer drain has a problem,and you need to urgently call a reliable sewer and drain maintenance professional.

Bubbles in the water of the toilet bowl when the faucet in the bathroom is turned on indicate that the sewer drain needs some cleaning,and a good plumbing technician should be engaged to perform a thorough sewer and drain cleaning.

You can help yourself this way:-
Remove any obstructing materials from drains using your hands,after removing the cover to the drain.
A drain cleaning tool e.g the Zip-it can be used to carefully bring up from the drain debris and other materials blocking the drain.

Water,vinegar and some salt is all you need to cause disintegration of any materials that may clog the drains.

You can do sewer drain cleaning yourself using these tips.