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Ways to Boost Your Brain Power Participating in physical activities. Your brain becomes faster and more efficient when you work out making it enhance the nerve cells hence preventing damage. Your brain cells will release neurotrophic factors which aid in promoting neural health while you exercise. Protective effects to your brain through the creation of nerve-protecting compounds are provided when you are active in activities like sports. Having a good night’s sleep. Sleep is not only helpful in regenerating your physical body, but it also improves your brain insights and helps you come up with creative solutions to hard core problems. You can easily deduce connections between distantly related ideas after a single good night’s sleep. Adults who regularly get a midday nap were found to restore and increase their brain power radically. Coconut oil consumption. Your brain needs glucose which is transformed to energy to survive. Insufficient energy in your brain leads to slowed down brain activities. An Alzheimer’s patient has impaired brain functioning which eventually results in loss of personality and movement brought about by insufficient production of insulin in the brain and this deprives the brain of the energy it needs to survive and function normally. Not being able to [produce insulin to convert blood sugar into energy will make your brain starve. Taking just two tablespoons of coconut oil can help treat your brain if it has been starved or prevent starvation and degenerative brain diseases. It is better to be safe and start supplementing coconut oil in small doses as your body might react differently.
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Classical music. Listening to music will increase your level of thinking and mental focus. People with coronary artery disease show doubled improvement signs in the verbal fluency skills after they listen to music compared to those who attended sessions without music. Participate in mind-training activities. Keep on learning new things to improve your mind power. The connections between your nerve cells and their arrangement will keep on changing as you continue learning and increasing your knowledge. Participating in society and social services can be another great way of improving your intellectual power. Participating in mind training exercises can help keep your brain fit as you grow old. Instead of watching television, research has also shown that browsing the internet is more active as it activates the parts of your brains associated with decision making and hard reasoning hence engaging in such a task will immensely improve your mind power.
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Supplementing with vitamin B12. If you have vitamin B12 deficiency you can get memory problems and mental fogginess. Vitamin B12 decreases the chances of getting brain starvation.