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Improve Sales with Closed Loop Marketing Closed loop marketing is a marketing tool that assists the business to acquire customer feedback through marketing campaigns, which will directly help them to boost up their sales performance. It helps the organizers to attain all the necessary information about the consumer’s opinion regarding their products. It assists in studying the consumer behavior in a wider sense. This concept tries to bridge the existing gap between successful sales performance and the client’s needs. This article looks at how closed-loop marketing works in benefiting your overall marketing strategies and alliances. To come up with a loop-marketing mechanism, there is need to transform your site into a centralized hub of all your marketing activities. In whatever activities that you carried out, right from email marketing to social media and paid search and referral links, ensure that it brings prospects to your site. Make your site the ultimate destination or entry gateway of your closed-loop system. Once potential customers visit your site, you can understand their online behavior and interests by using the cookie system. On careful evaluation and understanding the statistics and available data, you would be able to realize how they found your organization, which pages interest them on your site, and what actually converted them after they visited your page.
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Closed loop marketing solution calls for more intense tracking system to ensure that your streamlining lead to marketing initiative. This can be achieved by using a tracking URL system. Monitoring Behavior After you have identified where the traffic is coming from, it is time to follow and track your visitor’s online interests and behavior. Keep a close eye on the pages that they visit frequently and how they reach their pages of interest. By identifying this way you can optimize for enhanced and fast interaction in the future. You will also need to have a database of anonymous visitors’ history and one with all information about leads. Associating the links of a visitors time spent on the site and their respective lead details will let you bridge the loop of marketing. Prospects Conversion into Leads To monetize your traffic and generate qualified leads for your sales people, you must convert your site’s visitors into leads. By driving the incoming traffic to land pages, you can get relevant data from your visitors and make potential leads. It is essential that you create a landing page if you want to make your site a central hub for your entire marketing activities. Connecting Leads to Sales A clear understanding of which technique would actually lead to sales can catapult your marketing initiatives by large. A professionally designed closed-loop marketing system assist you to identify which tools and activities drive the maximum and minimum revenue to your business.