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Cannabis Has Medical Benefits

Cannabis has benefits for life, the current lack of knowledge about the benefits of marijuana because of its own bad marijuana mindset, supported by government statements, and police officers who assume marijuana is a crop that can not be developed for use, and only makes cannabis users as people who do criminal acts. In fact, the need for marijuana as one of the drugs in the medical world has been around for centuries. In marijuana, researchers found an active substance component that could potentially aid the treatment. That component is a chemical compound called cannabinoids. Read more also on Florida Medical Marijuana

The Benefits of Cannabis Create Causes of Severe Autism. Research applied to Alex (12 years) in America, is a child who suffered autism type self-damaging or endangers him herself. By giving medical marijuana in liquid form 3 times a week, Alex showed behavior change so more relaxed. Nevertheless, the use of medical marijuana continues to be opposed by doctors, especially for children. For some countries the use of cannabis, both for medical needs remains controversial. Read more also on Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Cannabis can be used to overcome and prevent the eyes from glaucoma disease, which increases pressure in the eyeball, damages the optic nerve, and causes vision loss. Cannabis reduces the pressure. Based on research conducted by the National Eye Institute in the early 1970s, people who burn cannabis can reduce intraocular stress (IOP) in people with regular pressure and people with glaucoma. The effects … Read More