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Protect Your Home from Pests It is of vital importance to have your homes treated for pests. Isn’t it such a comfort to know that your home is a clean and safe place for people to live in and move about? How can you feel safe and at ease with roaches, bugs, mice, and other pests roaming or flying around in your home? Some pests attack the very foundation and structure that cause damage to your home, while others can chew on electrical wiring causing electrical hazards. But some pests carry diseases and put your health at risk for as long as they live with you. The following tips should guide you in your choice of a pest control company in New York.
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1) Your pests problems are seen and treated on time. The best time to treat pests is not when they have already multiplied innumerably, but before they even have the chance to do so. Most cockroaches and mice immediately reproduce once they get settled down in a home. This ability to reproduce quickly is true of almost any pest that lives in your home. Your pest control expert will not only eradicate each of them, but will also prevent the entry of new ones. A pest control expert in New York has a trained eye and he will tell you what infestations are likely to come to your home, and will apply the appropriate treatment for it.
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2) Early diagnosis of fire hazards prevents a potential problem from getting out of control. Mice and rats are attracted to electrical wiring and love to chew on them. Some fires have been ignited by exposed electrical wires that touch, that rats have chewed on. Your 24 hour pest control expert in New York will locate wiring that have been chewed on by rodents, by locating where they pass or walk on. 3) Structural damage can be checked. Termites and carpenter ants are pests that can do the most damage to the structure of your home and will devour wood from inside you cannot see the damage. What your pest control expert will do is to try to look for the fortress or nest of these termites. But he will also apply the necessary treatment to kill termites or to prevent them from ever entering your home from under the ground. 4) Fourthly, there is an early inspection and detection of potential spread of disease. Pests like cockroaches and rats carry a number of diseases that can affect humans. Their urine and droppings are often sources of diseases and allergies. A thorough inspection of dark, damp places where cockroaches dwell, and beams and corners where rats travel on will help your pest control expert deal with these pests.